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Archdiocese of Chittagong stands on the Southern part of the Country. The area of the Archdiocese covers 20% of the total surface of the Country. Total land area of the Archdiocese is 29,395 square kilometers. Boundaries in the North with the Archdiocese of Dhaka and Tripura State, in the West with Barisal Diocese, in the East with Myanmar and Mizoram State of India and in the South with Bay of Bengal.


The Archdiocese comprises of 9 Civil Districts of Chittagong, Cox’sbazar, Bandarban, Rangamati, Khagrachori, Noakhali, Feni, Luxmipur and Chandpur. Total Catholic population of the Archdiocese is 32,269.

There are two pastoral regions in the archdiocese; Chittagong region comprising 4 parishes and Chittagong hill tracts region comprising 7 parishes. Archdiocese of Chittagong is an area of natural beauties of many differences.


Population in the Archdiocesan territory is 20,992,523. Among them 95% are Bengalis, who speak Bangla the national language. Ethnic peoples are about 5% of the total population. Among the ethnic people, a total of 13 tribes are found within the territory mainly concentrate in the Chittagong hill tracts.

Ethnic peoples have their own language although not all written. Among the tribals the Chakmas comprise 50%, Marma 30%, Tripura 10%, Murong 4%, Tangchayanga 3% and rest 3%.

Recently many Garo Christians (about 2,500) from Mymensingh Diocese in the North migrated to Chittagong city, the second capital of the country, the biggest sea-port city.